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HJ in general

Hullu Jussi-competition is an annual event in which teams compete over the title of craziest student team in Otaniemi. In the previous competitions, Otakut has arranged a checkpoint in association with DOT and/or Polygame...and this year is no exception. This year's event is held on Sunday 29th of April

This year the Triforce alliance ,that is Otakut, DOT and Polygame, arranges a gaming oriented checkpoint. The checkpoint (and related party) is located at Otakaari 20, on the OK20? large side and the related sauna. The setup of the checkpoint starts around 18:00 on Sunday and is followed by partying and gaming till the main competition starts at 22:00. The sauna is warm from 19:00 onwards. If you have nothing to do, join us in technology assisted attempt in assessing the mental instability of the visiting teams. Actually, join us even if you have something to do, this is bound to be better anyways (What possibly could be more useful than watching lunatics try to play games?).

Checkpoint task

This year the teams are assessed using our latest innovation, which evaluates if concept of individuality is actually an advanced form of split personalities. The test setup involves a simple task e.g. playing an old game with controller that has been split into 10 separate buttons, which in turn are split evenly among the team members. If the theory holds, the teams should easily be able to play games as easily as one man with ten residing inside his attic.


  • Sound system: Japanese amp - Soviet speakers
  • Projector
  • Split controller, computer with emulators and loads of games


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Enter code to kill a Dalek: 6034
Posted by Petri on 15.04.2012 17:16

Yritin etsiä sitä vanhaa usb-gamepadia, mutta ei näyttänyt löytyvän, on varmaan mennyt jo roskiin. PS2?-ohjaimia löytyisi kyllä.