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What is it?

Hullu Jussi AKA Crazy John competition is annual Mayday event held every year on 29th of April. In it various teams go around checkpoints all over Otaniemi in quest to show that they are the craziest lot of people.

Otakut alongside with DOT and Polygame, has held a joint checkpoint in the contest because...well having a crazy checkpoint is always fun! This year is no different and as always our Build Team is hard at work cooking up crazyness.

Bottom line: If you are not participating in the actual contest, you can join us in creation of madness or just be on the actual checkpoint on Sunday 29th...because Mayday, party and fun.

Now for the plans, read on what we have in store.
BUT STOP READING IF YOU ARE PARTICIPATING IN A TEAM!!! Don't spoil the fun...you have been warned



The Plan(tm)

The plan is to make a "TV" game show in which the competing teams participate by playing a game. The show and the played game is broadcast to twitch as a live stream for all audiences.

The checkpoint therefore consists of several aspects:

  • The actual game that the teams play and making this interesting
  • Studio audio and video setup
  • A/V Streams
  • Studio props and visual design


The game setup is going to be one of the following (most likely):

  • 4 controllers mapped into two multiplayer games, played simultaneously
  • 4 controllers mapped into one singleplayer game, to press a button majority of controllers need to press a button (democracy mode)
  • 4 controllers mapped into one singleplayer game, each controller gets to control the game in turn (time-sharing mode)

All of these have been tested from technical point of view, what is actually playable and crazy enough is still open.

Likely game candidates:

  • Mega Bomberman (Megadrive)
  • Fighting games

Studio A/V setup

  • Game computers: screens for players, video streams of the game
  • Studio AV feed: Camera(s) & host mics -> AV mixer; audio playback for audience(?)
  • Studio AV from mixer + Game streams -> broadcast feed


Game computers stream via xsplit NDI to OBS streaming machine.

Studio props

Basic layout planned. No visual design as of yet as not the priority. Technology needs to work like clockwork.