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On last easter, Otakut tested a new format of event to contrast the Allnighters. This new format, Alldayer, was found successful and thus we decided to use the concept to provide entertainment during the long hot summer. The Alldayer events are held at village living room roughly every two weeks and in addition to shows, there will be pancake (the finnish oven-variant) served.


On first summer Alldayer we started two long running series which will be showed on following Alldayers throughout the summer. In addition to these, there will be movies, OVA's and shorter series in the programme. You can give suggestions at bottom of these page, which will be taken in consideration during planning stages. Feel free to leave suggestions in the box below!

The long running series are:
Kaleido Star
A young girl follows her lifelong dream and joins the troupé of Kaleido Stage, a prestigious stage which combines acrobatics and other circus events into their plays. In order to succeed here, she must face the challenges presented by the high standards and extravagance of Kaleido stage's productions.

History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi
Kenichi is a ordinary guy who kinda likes martial arts. Unfortunately, his seniors at the school karate club considered him a mere weakling to bully. Due to set of events, one of them decides that he will have a match with Kenichi with the loser quitting the club. Driven into desperate situation, Kenichi seeks a way to become slightly more stronger from a mysterious dojo suggested him by a girl in his class. It wasn't what he quite expected...

Alldayer V (01-08-2010)

The otakut campaign to bring entertainment to masses resumes on Sunday. the first of August. The programme for the evening consists of the long running series as usual. Pancake will also be served and of course coffee during the Manhattan Love story. If the weather favours us, we will also have BBQ.


15:00 Kaleido Star 13-16
16:36 Break
16:45 Nasu - Andalusia no Natsu
17:32 Break
17:40 Slayers Great
18:45 Break
18:55 Manhattan Love Story live action 5-6
20:23 Break
20:30 History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 13-16
22:07 End

Alldayer IV (04-07-2010)

Otakut will continue their Alldayer spree on Sunday, the fourth of July. We will have pancakes, so be there! (And some fries and wieners. And some coffee. No BBQ tho.)


15:00 Kaleido Star 9-12
16:36 Break
16:45 Tales of Vesperia - The First Strike
18:35 Break
18:45 Manhattan Love Story live action 3-4
20:13 Break
20:20 History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 9-12
21:57 Break

Alldayer III (19-06-2010)

Place will once again be the village living room and the format is similar to previous Alldayers.


15:00 Kaleido Star 5-8
16:36 Break
16:45 Lupin the 3rd Dead or Alive
18:20 Break
18:30 Manhattan Love Story live action 1-2
20:10 Break
20:20 History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 5-8
21:57 End

Alldayer II (07-06-2010)

Otakut organized an Alldayer-event at the village living room (Jämeräntaival 5A) on Monday 7.6. The event started at 15:30 and ended around 22:00. On the spot, there was pancake and BBQ opportunity. We also supplied a few boardgames as sideshow.


15:35 Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto 12-13
16:19 Break
16:30 Kaleido Star 1-2
17:16 Short break
17:20 Kaleido Star 3-4
18:06 Break
18:15 Detroit Metal City (Live Action movie)
19:58 Break
20:10 History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 1-2
21:00 Short break
21:05 History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 3-4
21:55 End

Programme suggestions

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