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Recycling center sauna

The first recycling center sauna of 2011.

Otakut is one of the organizations running the Otaniemi recycling center and the student union offers the recycling center saunas to use over the year. Otakut has delivered fun activities to these saunas for all the participants to enjoy.

Where and when?

11.01.2011 at Ossin Linna. Organizing starts at 16:00, real fun starts around 16:30 and lasts roughly till 22:30. Cleanup from 22:30 onwards till 23:00. Sauna is warm between 18:00-22:00. Event is open for everybody and FREE. Location on map.


Sauna is warm at aforementioned times, please take your own towel and drinks with you. There will be a dedicated women's sauna turn in between 19:30 and 20:30, at other times the sauna will be mixed.

What fun do we have this time?

We cast our eyes toward the east and dance in tune of DDR!
Or to be more specific: we will be dance gaming using Stepmania, which is based on Dance Dance Revolution (among other games). Otakut will arrange the necessary gaming setup along with considerable amount of songs to dance to. The available songs should suit both first timers and more advanced players, so there should be something for everybody.


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