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Recycling center sauna

The fourth recycling center sauna of 2011.

Otakut is one of the organizations running the Otaniemi recycling center and the student union offers the recycling center saunas to use over the year. Otakut has delivered fun activities to these saunas for all the participants to enjoy.

Where and when?

06.04.2011 at Ossin Linna. The event kicks off around 16:00 and lasts till 22:30. Sauna is warm between 18:00-22:00. Event is open for everybody and FREE.


Sauna is warm at aforementioned times, please take your own towel and drinks with you.

What fun do we have this time?

It's time for spring console evening. We will set up a number of present and older gaming consoles for your enjoyment. You can suggest and vote for consoles in the comments below.

Additionally, if you own a nice console and you're interested in bringing it to the evening, contact Arb either in IRC or via e-mail.


Sega Dreamcast1
Sony Playstation1
Sony Playstation 2-
Super Nintendo1
Famicom (JP NES)1


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Enter code to kill a Dalek: 4196
Posted by Arb on 03.04.2011 15:32

3DS olisi kiva kokea, joten ääni järkkääjältä sille