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Otasuunnistus (during orientation week in fall) is a checkpoint crawl in which the freshmen have a chance to get to know the multitude of student associations in Otaniemi. The night is also about having lots of fun in a great company! The groups (usually consisting of 6-8 freshmen) are awarded points at the checkpoints, and the overall winner of the crawl is decided during the afterparty.

Checkpoints of previous years


Like in the checkpoint of previous year, we once again have anime production, but this time not character design but voice acting, especially dubbing. The groups job was to dub a semi-randomly (from pre-edited clips of odd scenarios we had been collecting) chosen anime clip. As we didn't have any more production values than before, we obviously had no translation or subtitles available for the clip, it was the group's job to try to come up with something from the context of the clip.
After practising enough on a laptop (or being rushed by producers in a busy situation), the group obviously had to perform their final product for the team of "producers". The scenarios and situations the teams had come up from the clip they had no context for was very, very imaginative at times, and often had absolutely no connection to the original source of the clip. I remember some mention of cakewars and such oddity...


Drawing and making background story and personality for your own anime character. Now, obviously our "anime production" has no production values, and of course it has to be cheap and fast, so each group member only had to draw some part of the character (part should be faster to draw than the whole, yes?) on a see-through plastic sheet. For instance, one group member's job could have been to draw the ears and neck (and nothing else!), while another one drew the mouth and hair and so on. Communication between "workers" of our "sweatshop" was obviously forbidden.
At the end the group needed to get all their sheets on top of each other, revealing the (often quite weird looking) character. They then needed to present their "creation" to our team of "producers" with a background story for this character. The backstories (often excuses and reasonings for the looks of the character) the groups came up with were imaginative to say the least!


Making of a music video / performance to Japanese music. The music for each group was chosen semi-randomly. The group could (and I believe everyone did) use the props we provided. These included clothing, funny hats, some toys, and perhaps the weirder and more memorable items, a plastic paddle and a bowling ball.

Older ideas

Dressing up as ninja, Karaoke