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Otakut Christmas Party

The annual Otakut christmas party will be held on Saturday December 11. at Sinikalliontie 10 Espoo. The party begins at 1600 and the sauna will be warm around 1800. As usual, own towels are required (and recommended). NOTE! - Due to restrictions at the building where the party is held, contact any of the organizers via phone and we will open the door.


If you know that you'll be coming, please let us know by registering to event in Doodle so we can prepare enough goodies for everyone.


  • Hjir (Raumüberführer) 0504132806
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Posted by hjir on 12.12.2010 02:04

Onnistui kohtuu hyvin.

Posted by tmhallik on 08.12.2010 20:16

Map link to the party location: http://kartta.hel.fi/opas/main/default.asp?o=1&l=1&d=Sinikalliontie%2010&n=77163&e=42572