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The planning meeting

The video evening planning meeting will be held on XXXXXXday?, XXth? XXXXXXX at XXXXX o'clock at XXXXXXXXXX.

The planning meeting of '10:

1. The meeting started at xx:xx.

  • OOO states that the secretary uses an ugly font for writing the memorandum.

2. Suggesting new series (the last occasion for suggesting valid, new entries in the meeting):

  • The following series were suggested to be included for voting: [insert-names-here]

3. A brief conversation about the suggested series

  • Lack of support for X / X gained wide support

4. Brief open votes for the valid entries. The voting is conducted by a show of hands and should take minimal amount of time. Vote may be skipped on series that seem to lack general support.

  • Series X received abysmal amount of votes
  • Series X received numerous votes

5. Conversation about the possible changes in organizing of the upcoming video evenings and about the structure of the video evenings. (Availability of S4 or other permises, changes in video evenings (if any), number of series/episodes and possible new ideas)

6. End of meeting.