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Excursion to Särkänniemi

Otakut arranges day trip to Särkänniemi amusement park in Tampere on Sunday 10th of July. As a transpotation method, we'll be using a rented minibus, which is way nicer than using the VR and roughly in the same price range.


The tickets to the park cost 32 euros if reserved beforehand, 34 euros on the spot. Transportation 196 euros + fuel, shared between participants. This means the more the merrier..and cheaper:
5 ppl = ~39 euros + fuel/5
6 ppl = ~32 euros + fuel/6
7 ppl = ~28 euros + fuel/7
8 ppl = ~24 euros + fuel/8
9 ppl = ~21 euros + fuel/9


The minibus is picked up at 9 in the Sunday morning and moved to Otaniemi. Trip starts around 9:45-10:00 at Servinkuja 2D.


Weather is expected to be partly cloudy or sunny. In case of rain, we'll navigate to the indoor sections of the park.


Contact us via IRC #otakut@ircnet or vial email xerya(at)iki.fi

Current reservations

  • Xerya
  • Joy
  • K-nick
  • Newachu
  • Arb
  • Jonas
  • Annika
  • marqs
  • -


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