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Otakut 22. Anniversary

The once beautiful world has been devastated by war, disaster, and corporate negligence. The wasteland is a desolate place, and only few chooses to wander in it. Others live in the cities, where megacorporations, with their sky high skyscrapers and underground facilities, hold almost as much, and sometimes even more power than the ruling party of the less-than-ideal government.

In one such city, lies a dark underground club, the OK20 Big Side. This club is known for being a meeting place for people from all walks of this post-apocalyptic life. In this club, one can talk to wanderers seeking rest from the wasteland, have drinks with workers and higher ups of the megacorporations, and hire hackers, thieves and other... morally decrepit characters. In one corner there is a merchant at least as suspicious as the origin of their merchandise. Sometimes, if one looks carefully, one can even find government agents, silently keeping an eye on the other club goers.

On a summer night, 20th of July, a poster has been hung at the front wall of this club. The poster reading:

Otakut celebrates the 22nd year of its survival on Friday the 20th of July 2018 at 17:00. We invite everyone, regardless of citizenship, corporate status or outstanding warrants, to join us in our underground club OK20 Big Side. We accept any currency our guests have gathered while wandering the streets or wasteland of this once beautiful world.

Registration can be found from the Pre-apocalypse network at: https://otakut.ayy.fi/ilmotunkki/ilmo.php

Please deposit the participation fee (15€) before 19.7. to the following bank account:

Bank: Ålandsbanken

Bank account number: 660100-3671138

IBAN: FI69 6601 0003 6711 38
Receiver: Otakut
Message: "Anniversary" and your name
What: Anniversary party
When: 20.7.2018 at 17:00
Where: OK20big

Participation fee: 15€