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Otakut 23rd Anniversary Party

The world has been saved numerous times, the wars won, the first place achieved in the competitions, the conspiracies uncovered. The heroes have been celebrated, praised, and rewarded. But often the people in the sidelines, the people whom without none of the great deeds would have happened, who worked for the benefit of the heroes while remaining out of the spotlight themselves, have been forgotten. Now the time has come to shine the light on the less highlighted folks: this party is for the sidekicks, for the support and side characters!

The party takes place in the depths of Gorsu, where no heroes shall find their way (especially since in this case the side characters aren’t willing to guide them) on 9th of August, starting at 17:00.

Registration can be found from the auxiliary network at: http://dy.fi/kin

What: Otakut 23rd anniversary party
When: 9.8.2019 starting at 17:00.
Where: Gorsu (sauna), Jämeräntaival 5 A
Theme: Side characters of all kind
Price: 15 euro and deadline for the payment is 8.8.
Bank: Ålandsbanken

Bank account number: 660100-3671138

IBAN: FI69 6601 0003 6711 38
Receiver: Otakut
Message: "Anniversary" and your name