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General info

Aalto Campus Expo is an two event held on 5th and 6th of October on three major campuses of Aalto university. During the event many clubs and associations operating under AYY showcase their activities on their individual stands. Otakut has traditionally held a stand on which visitors have had a chance to play and enjoy various japanese videogames. The content for this years stand is under planning and the details are on this page.

Suggested activities

  • Consoles & games
    • Dreamcast
      • Puyo Puyo Fever, with chance to challenge expirenced player for club cloth badge.
      • Twinkle star sprites
      • Hanagumi taisen columns 2
    • Playstation 2
      • Katamari Damacy
  • Others
    • Variant of Pass the Pigs using small Zaku figurines aqcuired from japan, best scores are awarded prices. The game logic and rules are under testing.


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