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Greetings comrades!

The Great Proletarian Revolutionary Anniversary Party of the First Otaku International (TGPRAPFOI) is here! The event will be held June 15th at Gorsu. The menu for the celebration will consist of the best Socialism can offer; simple yet delicious dishes from land of Soviets and, of course, vodka.

Dress code for the evening is an attire fit for a Hero of the Proletariat, or at the very least you must carry a Party membership card (Партийный билет). The celebration shall commence at 18:00 and will continue as long as the Revolutionary Spirit takes us. Strengthening the Camaraderie is also possible at sauna, which will be on for most of the evening.

We will require a nominal fee of 16 euros for those drinking mostly water and 12 euros for the Heroes who can be sated with just water (and soft drinks). You can enter yourself using the form linked below, please do note however that the list updates approx. once in five minutes.

Registration form